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Information about ENDOMETRIOSIS



Each month as a woman is preparing to menstruate the Endometrial adhesions begin to react to the body's hormonal command to shed the uterine lining. The adhesions break open and bleed. This causes SEVERE pain, and inhibiting effects on a woman. This is an excruciating pain that is sometimes too powerful for mere words. There is no cure for ENDOMETRIOSIS and the only thing that can be offered are numerous hormonal therapies, and frequent surgeries that can offer some comfort from the pain.






These are the basic and most common signs of ENDOMETRIOSIS. If you feel that you have these symptoms or even suspect please see a gynocologist as soon as you possibly can. The earlier you can be diagnosed the better your chances are of having early and effective treatment for ENDO.


ENDOMETRIOSIS and fertility

ENDOMETRIOSIS can be classified from minimal to severe. However, the intensity of a womans pain does not depend on the amount of endometrial adhesions she has. Most women with severe ENDOMETRIOSIS are infertile and unable to conceive. A heartbreaking effect from this evil disease. This effects 30-40% of ENDOMETRIOSIS sufferers. 1 in 3 cases of infertility are caused by ENDO.



What ENDOMETRIOSIS looks like

These pictures were taken in July of 1998 during a routine Laparoscopy. These are the pictures from my own operation. In the picture you can see the ACTUAL endometrial adhesions on the exterior of the uterus, the adhesions appear as little white dots or blisters.




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